The Best Carry-On and Under the Seat Backpack & Suitcase

11th May 2021

One of the most frustrating instances in life is when you get a new suitcase or backpack that claims to be carry-on compatible with all airlines, and then you arrive at the airport to find out that is not the case at all! You are now forced to check the luggage you were expecting to keep with you, which can be a stressful scenario for many reasons. Opting to go with a carry-on rather than checking your bag comes with several perks, especially during these unprecedented times we are in. You are able to have your belongings with you the entire time you travel, you do not run the risk of the luggage getting lost in transit, and you do not have to deal with baggage claim once you finally arrive at your destination when you forego checking your luggage. With the COVID-19 pandemic, it is way more optimal to just travel with your belongings with you and to evade crowded airport lines and baggage claim areas as much as possible.

There is a huge underlying problem with the way that so many luggage companies make false statements about how the dimensions of their bags will securely fit into all overhead bins within aircrafts. Each company advertises a bag that looks so vastly different from their competitor, and yet they still all claim to be carry-on compatible. Luckily, our company has solved this issue in a remarkable way.

Typical Airline Dimensions

When you get to the airport, there should typically always be a spot where you can test to see if your luggage meets the average airline carry-on bag size requirements. The standard dimensions a carry-on bag should meet are 22” x 14” x 9” with the handles and wheels included. You should always ensure before purchasing a new piece of luggage that these dimensions are met so that you do not run into any unexpected problems at the airport. Traveling can be stressful enough as is, and the added anxiety you are met with when your luggage does not fit in the overhead bin is not what any individual wants to deal with.

With most airlines, you are allowed one carry-on bag and one personal item. A personal item qualifies as a purse, laptop bag, briefcase, or a backpack that can fit under the airplane seat securely. It is imperative that you are prepared with both a carry-on and a personal item that is the correct size so that your travels will run as smooth as possible.

The Issue with Other Bags

There are countless luggage companies that claim their bags are compatible with each and every airline’s carry-on requirements, but we know that is far from the truth. Numerous companies do not factor in the additional space that wheels, handles, and expansions take up. There are so many different luggage companies that all specialize in their own arenas, from hard-shell suitcases, soft-shell suitcases, to large travel backpacks; they all look so vastly different, and yet they all claim to be the same dimensions.

Have you ever tried cramming your bag into the measuring bin or the overhead compartment on the plane with every last bit of strength you can muster? It is an extremely frustrating position to be in, and it can feel embarrassing if there are other passengers or airline employees observing you. It is so overwhelming in this day and age to make an informed decision on our purchases, as there are so many items that claim to do the same thing. Luckily, there is a new brand of bags on the market that is here to save the day and to put all of these worries officially to rest. Check out the video below from Consumer Reports so you can see what we mean.

How Our Bags Save the Day

With our UNDERSEAT PRO® bags, all of these nuisances melt away. You are guaranteed complete transparency from us and with what our bags are able to do. You no longer have to worry about whether or not you are getting a product that is just full of false claims about the sizing and the features that it boasts. You will be able to dodge the hassles that come with checking your luggage and you can get from place to place conveniently. With our bags, you can expect to get exactly what you need and more, as we take complete advantage of 100% of the space allowed for carry-on bags and personal items.

  • Carry-on

The carry-on that we created allows for extreme ease while traveling. It has been thoughtfully crafted so that the modern-day issues with typical carry-on bags are avoided effortlessly, and so that you can just spend your time fully enjoying all of your travels. You are able to conveniently store everything you think you will need when you are embarking on your journey in our carry-on bag, and you can rest assured that it will meet the airline sizing requirements. There will be no more nerve-wracking scenarios where you are worried that your bag will not be able to stay in the cabin along with you. With our carry-on, there will only be smooth travels from here on out.

  • Backpack & Suitcase

Our state-of-the-art backpack and suitcase are the personal item companions you never knew you needed. While a personal item can come in a multitude of different styles, a backpack or a suitcase are one of the best tried and true forms that a personal item comes in. With our UNDERSEAT PRO® Backpack and suitcase, there are numerous handy compartments throughout it that allow you to organize your belongings in the most ideal fashion. Our bags are streamlined and compact, all while still being fully functional and able to fit everything you could ever need in your personal item. The bags we have created are tremendously stylish, comfortable, and fit with superb ease under the seats on aircrafts.


At the end of the day, traveling does not have to be the stressful situation that it is often made out to be. Traveling should be exciting and fun, and we are here to embrace that as much as we can with the bags we have produced. Look no further for the perfect carry-on and personal item bags, for we have you entirely covered.